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Carrer Avinyó









Apartment in Barrio Gotico, Barcelona, 2013


World Interior of the Year 2013 at the Inside Awards, Singapore

World Interior News Interior of the Year

Icon Magazine's Interior of the Year Award, Nomination

UK Interior Architect of the Year 2013, Nomination


Carrer Avinyó is a piano nobile apartment in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona. The apartment is situated on the corner of a significant local crossroads. Like the Flatiron Building in New York, where Broadway cuts diagonally across the city grid, the apartment building has a distinctive triangular form that is echoed in the adjacent public space, Plaça George Orwell. A primary design move in the apartment’s refurbishment was to take advantage of this special situation by removing all of the interior cross walls to create one large corner room.

The apartment is the holiday home of two brothers who grew up in Barcelona. The new mosaic floor of the apartment is decorated with a triangular pattern that matches the geometry of the plan. The tile pattern is graded in colour from green at one end of the apartment to red at the other to differentiate the brothers' private spaces. The encaustic tiles were manufactured by Mosaics Martí, suppliers of tiles to Antoni Gaudí.

Bedrooms were created inside large pieces of furniture that have the appearance of small buildings – the city beyond the apartment walls is mirrored by a diminutive city within. The high-level library becomes balconies that connect each bedroom to their en-suite bathrooms. A large, specially-designed dining table stands at the street corner where the red and green tiles mix as an invitation for gatherings of friends and family.


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